Nature Photographs Collection

On this page you will mainly find a collection of galleries that go to make up my wildlife photography portfolio. Including much of my African wildlife photography in black and white, which I enjoy undertaking immensely.  I encourage you all to explore all of many different photographic genres and strive to hone your skills for each, as I do.

South African Wildlife and Nature Photographer

I considered calling this portfolio the African wildlife and nature photography portfolio. This is due in part to the fact that my portfolio of African wildlife and nature images consist of several genres that go to make up the wildlife and nature photography sphere. 

Birds, Landscapes, Black and White etc…..

As a South African wildlife photographer, the majority of photographs in this wildlife photography portfolio are taken but not limited to South Africa, where I live and work and undertake several wildlife tours which include photo safaris and privately guided Kruger Park safaris. However, you may find images in this photography portfolio from other locations within Africa or further afield as opportunities arise for capturing images. 

Wildlife Pictures For Sale

I will from time to time with some of the wildlife images and nature photographs in this portfolio, express some degree of creativity, which I hope you will find pleasing. All these wildlife and more specifically African wildlife and nature images from this portfolio are for sale.  From these photographs, great wildlife prints can be produced. 

Please contact us should you see something you like. If you would like to find out a little bit more about how I started in photography then you can head on over to the about me page.

Safari Buddies

Our ‘Safari Buddies’  journal  and ‘Safari Buddies’ blog will keep you up to date with all the tour and safari news as soon as it becomes available.

“What I like about photographs is the capture of a moment in time, that once gone, it's gone forever and impossible to reproduce.”

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