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Custom Safaris - Pafuri Walking Trails - Guests relaxing on a rock

Planning Custom Safaris

As with all the tour packages on our website, these are just an example of the safaris and wildlife tours we are able to currently arrange.

With meticulous planning and thought for our clients though we pride ourselves in being able to create custom safaris and tailor-made tours from the inception of your (and sometimes ours) ideas. It is with this single focus and emphasis we match the destination and guest’s requirements to your budget.

Tailor-Made Just For You

Therefore, if for any reason, travelling on one of our scheduled photo safaris like our popular kruger park photo safari don’t suit you, then planning a custom safari or bespoke tour with a purposely tailor-made itinerary somewhere else in South Africa might be the answer you’re looking for.  

In Detail – Custom Safaris 

We are aware that travelling with small groups of guests on itineraries that we have chosen may not suit everybody, our custom-made guided wildlife safaris or birding tours provide for more detailed discussion and learning in the field. 

Photo Safaris

While photographic orientated custom safaris provide for more individual client tuition and guidance, both in the field and on the computer when it comes to image processing techniques.


Custom Safaris - Humpback Whale - Breaching.
Custom Safaris - Hyacinth Macaws - Pantanal Jaguar Tours.

Travel When You Want To

Another big bonus of custom safaris means that you can travel when your circumstance best suit you and not have to fit into predefined schedules.

Custom Safaris – We Work With You

Ideally, we can work with you in deciding where, and when during the planning of your itinerary, do you have an existing travel agent? We can recommend a specialist travel agency if you would prefer, either way choosing to work in this way allows us to help focus the safari/tour on exactly whatever it is that you are most interested in.

We select lodges and camps at the best time of year. This can mean a trip where we visit areas to photograph specific animals, for example, big cats, or it could be a visit to a destination where there are special wildlife happenings, like the bears of katmai fishing for salmon in Alaska or the Great African migration when you safari in Tanzania.

You Create it - We Make it Happen!

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Total Customisation of Safaris & Tours Available

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