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Bears of katmai - Alaska tour

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Alaska at its best

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Bears of Katmai – Alaska Photography Tour

Outstanding photo opportunities await the wildlife photographer and nature enthusiast, as we have chosen the best time to visit Alaska for the Brooks Falls Alaska Bear viewing. On this Alaska tour, we have the chance to photograph, up close and personal, the salmon fishing brown bears of Katmai. This Alaska tour flies you via bush plane into the world-renowned Brooks Falls on the banks of the Brooks River, it is here we will photograph the bears of Katmai. The Katmai National Park bears, over 2,200  of them, inhabiting the park, are one of the most stunning sights to see on this trip, especially when fishing, making Katmai National Park undoubtedly the best place with the worlds highest concentration of brown bear species.

Alaska Tour – Bear Photography

In addition to the bears of Katmai this Alaska tour also flies you to the Alaska Peninsula by bush plane to look for and photograph the coastal brown bears as well. Our custom made Alaska vacation package is all inclusive from Anchorage, Alaska and includes multiple internal scenic bush plane flights; five solid days of bear and wildlife photography; professional expert guidance; photography instruction and world-class photo opportunities.


‘Bears of Katmai’ – Alaska Tour

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Bears of Katmai Photography Tour

Embark on an Alaska vacation of a lifetime; to the remote wilderness of Katmai National Park. Our Alaska bears photography tour takes us 250miles (400km) southwest of Anchorage, to Alaska’s Bristol Bay area; here lies Katmai National Park.  Each year more than a million red salmon migrate annually from Bristol Bay into the Naknek system of rivers and lakes of the area; these salmon provide a food source for the world’s largest population of brown bears.  This is Alaska’s most famous bear viewing destination and as many as fifty brown bears can be seen fishing along the mile and a half ( long Brooks River during the peak of the salmon season.

Alaska Wildlife

Alaska wildlife consists of much more than brown bears; Alaska has a plethora of wildlife spread over landscapes of stunning natural beauty.  Aside from brown bears, we may also have the opportunity to photograph other species such as Black Bears, Moose, Red Fox, Beaver, and Wolf.  Katmai is located on the north Alaskan peninsula.

This is also one of the best areas in North America to watch birds, especially during the spring migratory and summer breeding seasons.  We can expect to see Osprey, Bald Eagle, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Snow Geese, Common Golden Eye, Tundra Swan and many many more.  If we are really lucky we may spot Beluga whales heading south from Anchorage or the giant humpbacks in Kachemak Bay.  June and July are the best months for seeing these enormous whales feeding using their bubble-netting tactic.

Ready for Katmai?  Join us in July 2022 & 2023 for the most spectacular Brown Bear Photography. Experience Katmai National Park, Alaska. For the 2022 Liveaboard tour please contact us.



If you always wanted to know the best time to see bears catching Salmon in Alaska and if you’ve always wanted to photograph them fishing but have never quite known how to go about it, this is the tour for you.  In this seven-day itinerary, we will spend three days at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park; two nights in Homer, Alaska, looking for black bears, and a day on the Katmai Coast looking for the coastal brown bears.  This is an all-inclusive Alaska vacation package from Anchorage, which includes multiple scenic bush plane flights, four days of bear photography, wildlife and landscapes, expert guidance, photo tuition and world-class photo opportunities.


On this bear photography and wildlife tour we cater for photographers of all abilities, however non-photographers or videographers, spouses/travel companions will also have fun on this ‘Bears of Katmai’ photo tour.   The wildlife and birds we will encounter will appeal to anyone with a love for animals and nature.


On this Alaska tour, we’ll meet in Anchorage and travel by plane to the fishing village of King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula. Toward the end of July, millions of red sockeye salmon ‘run’ in the Naknek River so things will be hotting up and in full swing.  Salmon will be streaming up the river into Katmai National Park. That abundance of salmon means an abundance of bears!  Let the tour begin!


Meet in Anchorage hotel, opening dinner, tour brief and introductions. Night at the hotel and early morning flight to King Salmon.


Once at King Salmon, transfer luggage to the hotel and immediately board a bush plane for Brooks Falls.  Day at Brooks Falls.

Early evening return to King Salmon.


Early bird bush plane for Brooks Falls. Day at Brooks Falls. Early evening return to King Salmon.


Early bird bush plane for Brooks Falls. Day at Brooks Falls. Return to King Salmon and catch a late afternoon flight back to Anchorage. Night at Anchorage hotel.


Drive down the Kenai Peninsula to Homer. Time to explore and photograph along the way. Night in Homer hotel.


Catch a bush flight to the coast of Katmai or Lake Clark National Park – Approximately 4 hours on the ground photographing bears and other wildlife.
** Optional Boat Cruise** see below. Night at Homer hotel.


Drive back to Anchorage in the morning. Arrive early to mid-afternoon, in time to catch evening flights. End of tour (No hotel provided)

Contact us for a full and detailed itinerary of this Alaska Tour.


Additional excursions and extensions are available on this trip at an extra cost and clients should advise us at the time of booking your main tour should they wish to partake on any extension or excursion.

  1. ** Optional boat tour on Kachemak Bay**
  2.  Extension – 3 days Seward Excursion –  Including boat excursion in Kenai Fjords National Park chance to see whales, otters, seals, tidewater glaciers and icebergs.


The tour is scheduled to take place between 7th-13th July 2023

This photo tour will run with a minimum of 6 guests and a maximum of 8 guests only. 

Tour Cost: From US$ POA

We can accept payment via International SWIFT transfer, Credit Card or Paypal.

A US$1,000 deposit per person is required to secure your place on this photo tour.

Please be advised:  This ‘Bears of Katmai’ Alaska photo tour will run in July 2023. Please contact us for any single supplement requirements and to book your place and receive further detailed information on this outstanding ‘bucket list’ tour.


  • All Accommodation and Transportation as detailed in the itinerary
  • All Internal Bush Flights
  • All Meals and Snacks
  • Professional Guiding Services
  • Services of a Professional Wildlife Photographer


  • Any International Flights or Flights to and from Anchorage.
  • Visas
  • All Alcoholic & Soft Drinks (Beers, Wines, Mixer’s, Coke etc…)
  • Gratuities. This should be paid in cash.
  • Purchases of a personal nature
  • Telephone calls


Each year, toward the end of July, the red sockeye salmon ‘run’ in the Naknek River; millions of fish will be streaming up the river into Katmai National Park. That abundance of fish means that fishing brown bears will be very easy to spot.  Brooks Falls is on the Brooks River which is short, less than two miles (3km) long and connects Naknek and Brooks Lakes. Migrating salmon funnel through the river in huge numbers, and are forced to pause momentarily by the ‘obstacle’ of Brooks Falls. It’s here in July, the brown bears congregate in large numbers to fish for salmon.

Brooks Falls is a popular place, and we certainly won’t be alone during our three days photographing and viewing there, but as we are staying locally, we’ll have the freedom to linger at the falls after the tourists have left.  People or not, Brooks Falls is an OUTSTANDING, WORLD CLASS place for bear photography, with options to photograph brown bears in many different areas from grassy riverside meadows, lakeside gravel bars, and of course, at the falls themselves.

On our fourth afternoon, we will catch an afternoon flight back to Anchorage, spending the night in Anchorage. The following morning we will drive south down the Kenai Peninsula to Homer.

Homer is one of our favourite towns in Alaska; a fishing town on the shores of Kachemak Bay.  It has a beautiful setting with views of the glaciated peaks of Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park across the bay from the town. We will have a relaxed evening with time to explore the town and have a sumptuous dinner at one of Homer’s many restaurants.

The following morning, we head off to the airport and board another small bush plane for the flight across Cook Inlet to the coast of Katmai National Park.  Our exact destination is not set and we rather wait and head off to where the bears have been most active and where we will have minimal crowds.  This may be the famous Hallo Bay, or it may be one of the many other nearby bear watching areas.

The coast here is a very different setting from Brooks Falls.  Here we will be able to photograph bears grazing and interacting on the sedge meadows, walking on the beach, and possibly digging clams on the nearby mudflats. We’ll have several hours to explore and photograph before climbing back on the plane and heading back to Homer for the evening.

Bad weather can sometimes interfere with flights from Homer to the Katmai Coast, we, therefore, can try and spend the day well though, as just across from Homer is the Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park which holds a great location for seeing and photographing black bears.  Humpy Creek is a salmon stream where black bears congregate to fish in the summer. We’ll take a small boat across the water from the town (watching for marine wildlife as we go), and head to Humpy Creek.  We’ll explore Humpy Creek for a while and then get shuttled over to a nearby trail where we can go for a hike and see, up close, some of the dramatic mountains and glaciers of Kachemak Bay.

After a day of explorations and photography, we’ll spend the night in Homer before heading back up the road to Anchorage.


  • While physical demands are not high on this trip, you do need to be able to walk a couple of miles (3km) over mostly smooth trails to access the Brooks Falls viewing platforms. While you don’t need to be an athlete, good physical condition will greatly improve your enjoyment of the trip.
  • Some bush flights may impose body weight limits, or additional costs may apply. Contact us if you have questions about this.
  • Please read our Safari Safety and Etiquette to ensure you have an enjoyable and trouble-free tour experience with us.
  • Wifi access and mobile phone reception may be limited particularly in King Salmon with no access at Brooks Falls.
  • Long days are the norm; we may be away from the hotels for up to 12 hours or even more if the days photography is excellent.


  • Hiking Boots (With Good Ankle Protection)
  • Hiking Socks – Wool or synthetic. Your feet WILL get wet on our hikes in the mountains.
  • Long Underwear – Tops and Bottoms, Synthetic or Wool.
  • Sweater – Fleece or Wool
  • Rain jacket – A good quality, waterproof, or waterproof/breathable (Gore-tex) rain jacket is a
  • Pants – We choose durable nylon hiking pants on most days.
  • Rain Pants – Sturdy and Comfortable.
  • Light-weight Puy Coat or Vest – Down or Synthetic Insulation.
  • Mornings and evenings are cold to cool (even in the summer), bring a fleece and a windbreaker jacket
  • A warm hat, Cap or Beanie
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Light Gloves
  • Sunblock
  • Water Bottle
  • Binoculars
  • Spare batteries for your camera
  • Torch
  • Camera/video camera & flash (for wildlife photography a 300 – 400mm lens is ideal and 24mm-70mm wide as there are opportunities for wildlife images for all sizes of lenses.

Finally to ensure all guests who book travel destinations through us have a memorable experience we ask you to read and fully understand our Payment Terms and ConditionsCopyright & Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.   If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us

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  Bear Viewing Katmai

    We will be there to photograph all the action as the bears of Katmai fish the falls, as the salmon arrive in great numbers in the Brooks River.  Check out the Brooks               Falls Bear Cam below for all the ‘cam highlights’. Check out some more great bear highlights and live bear cam’s from Explore at Katmai’s Naknek river.

Katmai Brown Bear Videos

Bears of Katmai Photo Gallery

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