Welcome to my mammal portfolio of images. Here you will find some of my favourite images of mammals I have photographed over the years. This image gallery has mammals from South and Southern Africa as well as other destinations I have travelled. I have been lucky enough to capture these images due to my work commitments over the years and the many years spent in South Africa photographing the plethora of mammal species the country has to offer.

Definition of a Mammal

Mammals are vertebrate animals and characterised by the presence of mammary glands which in females produce milk for feeding their young, a neocortex, fur or hair, and three middle ear bones

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Mammal Images - Southern Africa

Most of the mammals in this portfolio are mammals of Africa, south of the Sahara, as I reside and spend a lot of my time in South Africa, undertaking birding toursphoto safaris and guided wildlife tours within South & Southern Africa and other international destinations.


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Other Portfolio Images

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